Audio Systems Group

Audio Systems Group, Inc. was a small consulting firm specializing in the design of sound systems for public spaces - theaters, churches, stadiums, jazz clubs. Principal consultant Jim Brown retired and closed the business several years ago. This website is maintained as a home for his technical writing.


I've developed some Publications to try to help you understand sound systems and acoustics, and how they can work best for you. There is also extensive material on Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), and on a variety of topics related to Amateur Radio. They're formatted so that you can easily print them out and pass them around for study.

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Jim Brown's Jazz Page NEW! Jan 2012 Last fall I taught a short class on Listening to Jazz for Pleasure to members of our Life Long Learners chapter here in Santa Cruz. This is a collection of resources I prepared for those attending. It includes listiings of jazz on radio and on the internet, jazz on video, jazz on CD, and hints on how to listen to jazz for pleasure.

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